Monday, August 29, 2011

More than 1 month here!

Hey!! I'm so sorry! I told you that I was going to write before friday... and today it's monday!! :(
I'm going to tell you a little what I did this last weeks... :) (I always upload the photos in facebook).

Two weeks ago I went to make my Social Security card... So now I have it! :) It's a paper card.. not plastic! Haha. That day I went with my host mom to have lunch to a Spanish restaurant. It was not super delicious but was fine :). It's better than anything... Hahaha

The name of the restaurant is Esperpento. We ate Gambas al ajillo, morcilla, patatas con alioli y parrillada de verduras. It's good dont eat hamburguers sometimes... hahaha :P

I also went with Ann-Christin to the beach with the doggies! Was so COLD. Freezing!!!! When someone says BEACH the first things that you think are shorts, bikini, sun, hot... But not in San Francisco... Here is scarf, sweater, jeans and almost gloves!!!! But was nice to go to somewhere with car! I dont have car... and I really miss it. I want to DRIVE!!!!!! :(

(Here a pic in the "beach")

I also went to the Ferry Building (not to much to see...). It's the place from where the ferry to Sausalito and Larkspur departs. It's like a little place with some stores like restaurants, things for home, chocolates, ... (and a little more). It's not so interesting. So I don't have to much to explain about it..

(Ferry Building)

This week I went to my host dad office to meet the people there and know where he works. Was amazing to see all the skyscrapers from a 25 floor. I only can show you:
You can see all the fog. San Francisco in summer is the city of the FOG! :( Hahaha and because of that it's usually so cold...

The best part of the last week was that we went to a SF GIANTS game! (Baseball). I went with Stina, Birdy and Ann-Christin. I really didn't understand the game so much... but the food was awesome! Hahaha I ate a hot dog with ketchup, sour cream, honey mustard, soy, onion and pickles sauce and then Ann-Christin and I shared a pretzel and Garlic Fries (so yummy! :D:D:D:D). That day the Giants lost... (I think so! haha xD). Was a good time! SO COLD... I was wearing black and orange (SF Giants colors). I loved it. All the people, the environment, ALL! :D I want to go back again! :D I also wanna go to a football game but it's so expensive. The ticket for the baseball game was so cheap, only $10.

On friday we went to Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies. This is so famous in SF, I mean all the tourists know that! But was like.. is this a joke? Only 6 or 7 houses.. yes, beautiful but we have that kind of houses in my neighborhood... I mean, it's great... But it's not amazing... I thought that was gonna be better... And again, was so cold! Hahaha... weird right? :P

And the end of the post will be my trip so SACRAMENTO! :D

I went this weekend to Sacramento with Ana Sofia, Sara and Ann-Christin to Sacramento. We wanted to go to LA or Seattle but the flights were so expensive, so we'll go maybe in November, we have to book it with more time.
For Sacramento we wanted to rent a car but was more expensive and I wanted to drive.. but I could't rent it because I'm 20! (damn...) So we went by bus and was $30 roundtrip! And the hotel was $30/person. So cheap! :D
So we took the bus at 6.30 am on Saturday, and arrive to Sacramento around 9.30.

On saturday we had a super American breakfast in a place of 78 years old! So little but so yummy!!! :D We also went to Old Sacramento. This is the typical West city, that one that you see in the West movies! :D Was amazing! And.. was so HOT!!!!!! :D We were wearing sandals, shorts and sleveless shirts!!! Was like 35ºC! :D I was feeling like home! haha :P

(Super Pancakes! I always prefer them with Nutella/Nocilla! I dont like the mapple syrop so much..)

In Old Sacramento we spent around 3 hours. Walking in the streets and wacthing a little show.. Was so nice! I thought that Sacramento was gonna be boring, but was so great! :D Overcoat for the people who I went with! :D
I don't have to much to say, only that it's a charming place what worth to see it! :D

We spent almost all the Sunday with shopping! XD hahaha We found a store with shoes 2x1! I bought 1boots and 1 sandals for $15!! :D And I also bought a nike sneakers/boots for my nephew for $20 (before were $40).
We also went to Victoria's Secret and I bought a "Pink" shorts for $10! :)
We had lunch at Johnny's Rocket (or something like that). Was the same restaurant where I eat in the mall in New Jersey! YUMMY! :D

After that we went to the Capitol. It is AMAZING. So white.. so big.. Spectacular! We only saw it outside because we didn't have time.. but it's gorgeous.

Then to take the bus we almost had to run because we were late late! hahaha xD But we arrive in time! The bus departed at 5.30pm and we arrive at San Francisco around 8..
And bye bye shorts and hot, hello sweater and cold.

(Bay bridge)

Hope you enjoyed this big one! xD I'm so sorry for the waiting! I'll try to uploaded more often! :D

Love youuuu <3

P.S. Take care of the weight... I won like 3 or 4 kg since I'm here... And I'm here for 5 weeks! :( Today I signed up in the GYM so it's ok! hahahah xD

Monday, August 22, 2011


I am so sorry because I am not writing.. xD

I swear that this week (before friday) I'll write a good post! :D

Moreover, I am going to Sacramento this weekend!!

Love you!!!

Thank you por your patience... XD

I only have to say that I am great!!! So thank you so much for all your support comments always! :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

My second week ended!

Hey!! :)

I am so great these days!! :D I hope all go like that always! Hahaha xD

I forget to tell you that my host dad made to me (I think was in Tuesday or Wednesday) Hot Chocolate, to help me with the Homesickness... My host parents are SO SWEET.

They also said to me if I wanted to invite Ann-Christin to dinner and sleep on Thursday (because her day off is on Friday). So she came, we took dinner and then a super amazing American Dessert!!!: Vainilla Ice Crean with chocolate, whipe cream and cherry! Was delicious!!!

On Friday, when we woke up we went to La Boulange, a nice place for breakfast! :)
And I worked until 10 because my host parents had a meeting with friends! :) It's nice work in the night because the baby is sleeping... Hahaha xD

On Saturday, I didn't do anything special.. Well yes!! My host dad made me WAFFLES!!!!!!!! With butter and mapple syrup!! And whipe cream! And also a sausage.. Typical American!!!! Hahahaha xD Was delicious!!! And then just work, help my host mom with dinner because we had guests and lunch... Ann-Christin came to eat the dessert and then we went to Starbucks and met with Lena. And then each one went to her home and sleep... I was tired yesterday...

Yesterday I went to Lombard Street with Stina, Lorena and Camila (all of them are Au Pairs). And we had to up a super hill to go there... But was awesome! :)

Then we went to have lunch to Little Italy and then we were walking until Westfield Mall! :)
Was a great day!! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hey! :)

I have to say that this week I am better! :) The time run so fast! Hahaha XD (Mode Bipolar ON).

On wednesday I went with Ann-Christin to Pier 39. The famous pier where the Sea Lions are! They are SO CUTE!!!! :D

At 10am we took the bus 35-Eureka until Market St & Castro St! :) There we took the muni F to Pier 39! It's so easy!

I thought that Pier 39 was only the Pier with the Sea Lions but it's not like that! You have a lot of restaurants and stores where you can buy I <3 SF sweaters ($25), T-Shirts ($5-20), bags, SF cups ($5), a lot of souvenirs (magnets, postcards, teddys)... It's crazy! I only bought 4 postcards for $1! But I have to buy a I<3SF sweater or T-shirt soon!!!! :D

So we arrived there and walked and walked... You can see it in the morning... it's small.

I have to say that I dont have anything to say.. haha just go and look around!!! xD
I loved it! :D

We went to lunch to Wipe Out, te typical American-Surfer restaurant! Was so good :) I loved the french fries!!! :D
And at 1.30 we went back home! :) Was a fast visit, but not that fast because we had time to go inside all the stores, lunch and see the Sea Lions..
So if you have a morning free, you can go! :) I ate a normal Burguer with cheese! :)

I have to start making exercise.. because if not, I'm going to gain a lot of weight!!!!!!! And that's not possible for me!!!
So I have to start classes at college, and maybe I'm going to take Sport classes! :)

By the way, maybe tomorrow I am going with another Spanish girl, SO NICE, Rosa, who invited me to a "club"! :) Let's see!!! :D I'm so grateful! :D

So, goodnight! :D Hope you enjoy it!! :D

P.S. You always can see all the photos in my facebook! :D

Love youuuu <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thank you so much for all your support comments!!!

I am a little (A LOT) bipolar these days... I only write that to "unburden myself" (I don't know if this it's good). I know that I am not going to go back home... I have a lot of experiences to live here.

I am homesick, yes I AM! xD But it's because of this that I have to keep myself busy... I feel worst in the morning, when I wake up and I see that it's not my room in Mallorca... but in the night, I usually feel better. Because I am more relaxed, without the baby crying and that things... xD Hahahaha

Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the people who read my blog and always support me!!!! I am so grateful for that!!!

Today I went to PIER 39 and I took a lot of photos!! So tomorrow I'll try to write a good post about that because now it's late and I have to work tomorrow! :)

LOVE YOU!!!! <3
Thank you!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I know that it's the beginning, but I am feeling so bad... Too much hours with the baby, I need to go out more...

I was thinking in go back home...

You can't imagine how much I miss you... Really... :'(

(I am not going to do it... but it's a thought in my mind)

Monday, August 8, 2011

1 week in San Francisco

(With Ann-Christine)

Hey! :)
This is my second week in SF (the 3rd in the U.S).
The last week ended better than started... In my last post I told you how bad I am feeling... I have to say that I'm still homesick, overcoat in the mornings.

Well, I am going to explain how was my week and giving more details! :)
(but I dont have too much to say xD)

The days after the "bad bad day" were better. The baby slept more and the mood was better. That's all that I can say about the work... Is a baby and only eat, play and sleep..

On Thursday I went with Ann-Christin to Japantown, we had fun! haha We went to dinner to a Japan Restaurant (it's Japantown, the weird thing was be eat indian food xD) Anyways.. xD we eat California rolls and Tari Taji (or something like that.. was noodels with egg and "chicken"). When we were waiting for the bill, she saw a MOUSE. Yes, a mouse inside the restaurant, and other people form the other tables also saw it but was like a normal thing... and I was freaking out xD hahaha
For dessert we went to eat some Frozen Yogurt!! :)

The next day I went with my Host mom to Costco... It's like in Spain "Makro", but bigger... haha. All is super big. We went to buy some stuff.. but anything more.. hahaha.
Well, my host mom bought to me a bunch for my room! She said that they wanted to buy it for my "welcoming" but they didn't have time. Really, my host family is so nice.
They also said to me to make a little party with more Au Pairs! I have to plan it!! :)

On Saturday night, we went to Marina (in the north of SF). I went with Ann-Christin and Stina to eat something (we ate pizza). We were walking over there and talking... We had to work in the next day so we didn't do so much! haha
I have to say that I saw a Street, it was MALLORCA Street! I was so happy when I saw that! Hahaha :) I have a little part of all of you here! :D

I spent the night alone because my host parents had a dinner with friends and spent the night there. I was not so homesick because I was tired and I went to sleep when I arrive.

But Sunday was my day off! I have to say that a tear (only one) ran over my face. It's because when I have a lot of time free I start thinking, and it's not good. For lunch I went to Mission Dolores Park for a picnic with more au pairs!!! :) Stina came to my home and we went to buy some things for the picnic. My host mom gave us a blanket, forks, knifes, spoons, napkins, plates... ahaha She is so nice!!! So we went to Whole Foods to buy some stuff and then we take the "train" to go there! :)
Almost all the au pairs in USA are from Brasil and Germany.. there are a lot of girls from there!!! Haha :)
We were there until 4.30pm. The girls were so nice!! And there were a lot of food, unhealthy food! Like cupcakes, chips, deeps, bread, cookies,...

After the picnic I went to Ann-Christin home to help her to dye her hair and see the Teen Choice Awards. Lena also was there (another au pair). We didn't dye her hair haha, but we ate a lot of unhealthy food!!! I was feeling so bad for that!! (not my tummy, my mind xD). We also order a pizza and was so good!

At 9.45pm I went to home after a wonderful day off! :) But when I was walking to home, I started to feel bad, homesick again.

I was talking with my host family about the schedule, and when we were talking I was almost crying (I hope they didn't feel it).
And then I went to my room and I started crying... Not too much, but enough.

Today I was better... my mood changes a lot... It seems a roller coaster. As I said it's only the beginning and I have to meet more girls but when I think in my family I fall to pieces. I hope it goes soon.
Today I didn't went to anywhere after work because a friend of my host dad came for dinner. But I am Ok! :)

Tomorrow maybe I go to downtown with Stina and other Au Pairs.. Let's see what happens. I'll try to make more photos because these days I am not taking enough.

So, now I am going to bed because it's 12am! And tomorrow I have to work. I'm starting at 10am to 6pm.

Wish me luck!!

Love youuuu <3

P.S. My bunch:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Francisco!

I don't write since the last week! I am so sorry but I am so busy...

I arrived to San Francisco on Saturday (was 1.30am SF time and 4.30am NY time). My flight was delayed 7 HOURS. I was in the airport (with the other 2 girls) for 9 hours. Yes, it's CRAZY. So we had our flight (the first one) in Friday at 3.30pm, when we arrived to the airport it was delayed 3 hours (until 6.30pm)... Then when we were waiting in front of the gate, was delayed 1 more hour (7.45pm)... And then 2 more hours (9.15pm).. and finally until 10.05pm and 10.30pm. (NY time). The flight was 6.30 hours (I'm not sure). I was feeling so bad... I don't know why, but was a moment that I almost vomit.

(Stina and Zee... waiting at the airport).

So, I arrived at SF and my host dad was waiting for me. He hugged to me. He drove to home, but first he asked to me if I wanted to see the city at night. Was so beautiful.
When we arrived at home he asked if I was hungry (I was) and he made me a roasted sandwich with cheese and ham! Delicious.
My host mom woke up and she also hugged to me. They asked me how was my flight and all this stuff.

I called my dad by Skype to say that always was fine!

We spent together the weekend, going to make me a Bank account, seeing the city, walking a little, giving me a new cellphone (iPhone! :D:D:D). On sunday we went to Union Square.
On sunday night, we talked about my schedule for the first 2 weeks.

It's a photo with one heart in the corner of the Square! :)

On Monday I started working at 10am to 6pm. Was good. My host parents were at home. On Tuesday I spent more time alone with the baby. (Nothing important to say..). I also had the Au Pair Care Meeting. IT WAS A JOKE. I mean, I thought that we'd meet somewhere, and then we'd go somewhere to talk.. but no. The meeting was in the Mall... and there, you only have to sign... Talk with the girls, go for dinner... WEIRD. I like it.. but it was not what I thought.
And today.. I had a BAD day... All started great. I met with a german Au Pair to go for a walk and talk and that things, but then my day turned dark. I have to say that I miss so much my family and friends. I spent almost the whole day with my friends and now I'm feeling alone.
Today my schedule was from 1.00pm to 9.30pm. The baby at 2.30 started to cry and I didnt know how to calm down her... I was so frustrated, trying everything: Sing, make weird sounds, talking to her, going outside, playing, putting her in the Swing... ANYTHING. So there was a moment where I was like... what I am doing here?. The mom was in her room and I had to go to her.. I knocked the door, she opened, I gave her the baby and I started crying. I was feeling so bad... For me and fot the baby.
I had that crying where you can't talk, because is like anxiety.. Really.. SO BAD.
The mom calmed down her and all was ok... Then she had to go because she had an appointment but first she asked to me if I wanted that she canceled the appointment.. So sweet... And telling me that it's normal.. That she also cryed sometime and that I didnt do anything wrong. This happens sometimes...

So that was my day... My bad bad day..

At 4.20pm I went with the baby for a walk and she was fine... and when we arrived at home at 5.20, I put her on the Swing and she fall sleep.

She goes to bed at 7pm, so I love to take care of her in that hour... because I don't have to do anything.. haha

I thought that I'd be happy, but I'm not... I don't want to say that this is not possible, because I hope to be happy here. I just want to say that sometimes, in the beggining is hard. I came here thinking that I was not going to miss anyone, but it's not like that. I think in my friends and family every second, every minute, every hour. And I miss them so much... It's hard because I still don't have friends here... It's my 4 day here.. So it's normal... I hope to find one soon...
Maybe I'll meet that german girl, Ann-Christin (she is so nice!!! :D and is also from 1991), on Sunday night to help her to dye her hair and watch the Teen Choice Awards.. (I have to say that I dont have TV in home... WEIRD.)

So that's all that I can say... Now I am feeling better.. and I just hope that the baby doesn't cry too much tomorrow... because the mom has an appointment for lunch.

Wish me goodluck!!! :D

Love youuu <3

P.S I also have to say that I have to trips planned. They gave to me for my bday a trip to OREGON!!! Because my host mom's family are from there... So I'm going to spend 4-5 days in Oregon!! I am going to go to a RODEO too!!!! I am so excited... This is in SEPTEMBER. And it's VACATION, I don't have to work... And another one in October to CHICAGO!!!! :D This is half vacation/half work... but I am so excited too!!! :D

And I can't wait to go to L.A!!!!