Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey hey hey!

Soooooooooooo, I was looking for flight to Hawaii and I found a really good deal!!!!!!! :D Is like ~$570 for flight+hotel in Kauai!!! :D I'm so excited about it.. I really hope it works out! :D

This is a photo of it:

I am really excited about it! :D Hopefully we can be a few, and it's gonna be more fun!! :D

By the way, my dad went to pick up the package and they told him there that the money was not from the "cash in delivery" (in spanish contrareembolso), it was from the customs service or custome tariffs (in spanish "Aduana"). So he did pay it...
Anyways, my nephews loved the gifts! And my siblings and siblings in law the candy and chocolate! Hahaha :D

I am really gonna try to keep you updated! :D

So I'm gonna tell you that this month I'm gonna go to Tahoe! I'll write a post about it. I think is gonna be great! And I'm gonna try to make "Robiols" filled with nutella and dulce de leche! :D They are a typical recipe from Mallorca for Holy Week! :D I'm really excited about it! I hope it works out! Haha because is gonna be the first time that I'm gonna make then by myself, alone! xD They are sweet and so yummy! :D I'll post a pic when I make them! :D

This is how they look when they are cooked: (Pic from internet)

And just to finish, I'm gonna post a song that I like and I discovered thanks to the TV Show Revenge. I don't know if it's original from this singer or is a version (I think is original). But anyways, I like it! :D
So here it is!

Agnes Obel - Riverside

Have a good week! :D

-Love <3
Mari Carmen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Problem with the Postal Service


So I've been sending packages to my dad since I'm here... I think I alredy sent like 3 or 4 (or more) and I never had any problem.
I paid the amount of money to send the package (and it was not cheap, by the way). So my problem (or my dad's problem) now is that the Spanish postal service is asking him for money to pick the package up.

They drop off in the mail box this paper saying something like: "Your package is here, come to pick it up. You have to pay XX Euros." In Spanish we would say "contra reembolso", it is when you send a package and you do not pay anything when you send it, and the person who receives it, has to pay for it. I think in English is called "Cash on delivery" or soemthing like that, I'm not really sure.

Anyways, is not the amount of money because is not a lot (30€), but because we have to pay something now when with the other packages we didn't have to...

My host mom helped me and we called to the US Postal Service and they said that is weird and some countries add taxes and bla bla bla... but this is not a tax, this is money that they are asking to pick it up!!!!
So we gave him all the information about the package and they said that they were gonna call or email or something the Spanish Postal Service and get back to us as soon as they have an answer from them (Which by the way, the time that they have to answer is 17 laboral days, 17!!!!!!!!!1... WTF????.. When in the US the time that they have to answer is 5 days! 12 days LESS!... Yes, this is Spain. I don't know why I am surprised about it.).

So this is right now the thing hahaha... Anyways, I'm gonna tell my dad to pick it up, because in Spain, you have 15 days to pick the package up since it arrives (or the paper arrives to your house telling you that the package is here). If you do not pick it up in that 15 days, they send it back. This means that we don't have 17 days to wait for their (I'm sure negative) answer.

The worst thing is that in the package you can only find candies, chocolate, 3 toys, 3 shirts and another "unexpensive" gifts for my nephews...

Argggggggg hahahahahaha xD Well... let's see what happens... I'll have you updated! hahaha :D

-Love <3

Mari Carmen!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sorry!!!!!! I know I'm not writing...
I am not gonna say that I don't have time because is not true... It's just that I forget every time and when I remember it I'm kinda lazy... :(

Just say that I'm thinking about extending... I swear that I'll tell you more about it when my area director gets me back! :D

And as I always say, but never do, I'll try to write more often! :(


-Love <3
Mari Carmen

P.S. By the way, I've been here already for almost 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not believe it! :D