Thursday, July 28, 2011

My training in NJ/NY! :)


I'm so sorry because of don't write... I was so busy and tired!! Tomorrow is my last day of training in NY! :) I'm going to explain you (a little) what I did! :)

On Monday we arrive to the Hotel (It's Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights). They pick up us at the airport! :) They explain you how is going to be all, give you your room key, said to you what is your team (I'll explain it), you buy the NYC tour ticket ($42) and the phone card ($20) (I bought the tour, but not the card because I have my laptop) and they give you a schedule:
You have to WAKE UP at 6.00 am (it's not necessary)
Breakfast is until 7.50 am
The class starts at 8.00 am
The curfew is at 10.00 pm (you don't have to sleep, but you should be at the room)

This first day is only for arrive to the hotel. We arrived at 4pm but one of my room mate arrive at 11pm! By the way my room mates are from Sweden and South Africa. So cute! I love them!! They are also going to San Francisco! <3

The second day we were all together (maybe 130 au pairs), almost 50 were from Germany! Hahaha. So we were talking and asnwer questions. There was color teams (brown, pink, yellow, blue...) and if you ask something or answer a question, you have a point. This game is important because if you win, you go to NYC FREE! :)

I was on the BLACK TEAM! Because I am in the Infant Program, so we don't participate in the game. The first day after lunch, they separate us (14 girls) from the other girls. The class finish at 4.30 - 4.45 pm and then, you have time to do what you want. I bought the ticket for NYC, so the bus picked up us at 5.00 pm and we went to NYC! This tour is almost all inside the bus... But if you are going to live in the West Coast, I recomend you that you buy it. I like it. We only leave the bus to take a group ohoto in front of the Statue of Liberty (so far away) and also in Times Square (I think it was for 2 hours. I have to say that the M&M's Store is there!!!!! So go! :D It's amazing.

The second day we was learning CPR and First Aid. 2 boys came and showed us that. It's cool! :D Au Pair Care gave us for lunch a typical american BBQ!! :D With hamburguers, hot dogs, salad... Was so good! :D After lunch, the agency called 4 girls in my group (I was one) and told us that we were choose to go to NYC (this is the price for the colors game). So I was 4 hours in NYC!!!! I took a lot of photos. It's amazing. I can explain the feeling that I had... A lot of skyscraper, people and Starbucks!!! Hahahaha. We arrived to the hotel at 9.30 pm. I was so tired so I had a shower and bed!

The third day (today) we had the same routine... wake up, breakfast, class... For lunch we had the PIZZA day! :D It was pizza and lasagne! :D So so so great! :D Today we lunched at 11.30 am because all the au pairs were leaving today (My group doesn't) After lunch we had more class and then we went to the mall. It's super BIG! A lot of shops... Macy's, Victoria's Secret, and a lot of shops that I've never seen before! hahaha. We had our dinner at Johnny Rockets, the typical 50' 60' restaurant! :D I loved it!!!! :D

I arrived to the hotel 2 hours ago, I had a shower, I packed my things and now I'm writing this! :)

I am so happy to be here... This is amazing... I know that you'll love it.

I love youuuuuuu <3 (More pics in my fb page! :) )

Monday, July 25, 2011

My first day in the U.S

So that is the last moment that I spent with my friends... We all were crying. I am going to miss them so much... When I was in the plane I sent them a message and while I was writing I was crying. I also sent messages to my dad, sister and brother.

As can you see, I am in the U.S... This is the weirdest feeling ever. I can't believe that I am here... All is so different, but at the same time so similar... Today is raining. My flight to Madrid was good... so normal. My flight to NY was great! I spent almost all the time sleeping... If the flight was 8h I was sleeping 6! hahaha The meal was good. They give us a snack one hour after the departure, the lunch 2-3 hours after the departure and a snack (with a sandwich) 2 hours before arrive. They also give you a form that you have to fill up and the I-94 (that you have to show to the officer in the airport). They didn't give me the I-94 in the plane so I had to ask for it then.

(My lunch! :) )

When I arrived to the Liberty Newark aiport I was so excited... There I have to show the forms to the officer, she/he take your fingerprints. The one that attend me was so nice... I fall in love! Hahaha He was the typical american man, tall, blue eyes... And was SO SO SO kind and friendly. He was talking to me and I was like ... O_O you're so handsome... Hahaha LOL. Then, the officer stamp the papers and passport and I went to pick up my luggage. After that, I went out to the aiport and there was an Au Pair Care person waiting for me. I had to wait and then appeared 5 girls from S.Africa, 1 from Norway, 4 from Germany and more...
We took the (7seat) car and came to the hotel. The Hilton in NJ! :) The room is great!! I love the bed!! I was the first one to choose it!
And a hour ago I went to take dinner with a S.African girl, Mercia. So nice girl!

Right now I am in my room, so tired, writing this... So I am going to bed because tomorrow the day is full! :) We have to wake up at 6am. The training starts at 8am... And we have to learn a lot! :) Tomorrow we also have out NY tour! I hope tomorrow doesn't rain...

So goodnight everybody... I'll try to write as soon as posible! :D But first I let you a photo of the NY skyscrapers from the plane! Enjoy it!

Love youuuu <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last night in SPAIN!

Hey!!! :D

This is my last night in Spain.. my flight is in 6 hours... Now I am in my room with with my best friends!
I have my luggage done! I only have to close them!

Yesterday (well 23 haha) was my bday!!! :D And I had a super bday/goodbye party (if you have me on fb I uploaded the photos). It was amazing! Was a pool party and was cloudy but the company, the food and all was awesome!! :D

I have a lot of presents! 3 parfums, 2 bath sets, 1 purse, 1 scarf, 2 bracelet, 1 wristwatch, 1earring, 1 camera! more than 300€ and I dont know if I forget something...

Anyways, it was amazing... with the people that I love! :D

I can't say more because I gotta go! I go with my friends to somewhere.. hahahah :)

So, when I can and I arrive there, I'll write again! :)

Love youuu!!

(here a photo os my bday/goodbye party)

and with my friends!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Only 4 days...

Hey! :)

Today I've finished my Pre Departure Orientation Project (Au Pair Care), I bound it and it's DONE! :) So now I don't have anything else to do... Well, maybe I have to check my luggage.. I want to remove some things... and I have to add a new one! :)
What to add? My handball team give me some presents for my bday/goodbye... They are SO SWEET! I'm going to miss them so much..

This week I'm thinking about all that I'm going to miss... I have not thought about it before (well maybe I did... but not too much...).

Tomorrow I have a comprehensive day... and saturday too.. Tomorrow I have my bday/goodbye party with my family. I think we are around 30 people or more, in my home! Let's see what happens... Hahahahaha...

Today I don't have too much to say... So, here a upload a pic of my present and another one of my handball team! :) <3
Btw, I love dogs... and if you look good, they put around my face 4 dogs! ahahah xD

Love youuu <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

I love this song :)

San Francisco - Scott McKenzie

My suitcases

Hey!! :D
I wrote the last night and I was talking about how to start with my luggage.. So, here you have a pic! I did it... Was so quick...

I send an email to my host family in San Francisco asking them about what clothes I should take. And they said this:

For clothes, you'll want to bring things you can layer, like long sleeved and short sleeved shirts and sweaters. Bring a light and medium weight jacket, but don't bring a heavy coat unless you plan to travel to snowy places during the winter. You'll want to bring jeans, maybe slacks, skirts, and some shorts, but you won't be wanting to wear the shorts much in SF.

So, I think I have to remove some t-shirts of my suitcase.. The little suitcase is for my training in New York, and I think it is so empty! Hahaha... but better for me!
The big one is for my entire year in the U.S. I think I'm taking too much clothes, so I have to revise it... Because if I buy clothes and other stuff there, where am I going to put them? Hahahaha :)

Today I am better than yesterday... but I am still so sensitive. I am feeling so overwhelmed... I still have to finish my Pre-Departure Orientation Project.. and I'll be leaving Spain in only one week...

Moreover, my birthday is July 23rd and my flight July 25th... So I have a bday/goodbye party on Friday (with my family) and a bday/goodbye party on Saturday (with my friends)... I'll update pics! :)

Tomorrow I also have a BBQ with some friends... I'll update a photo too! :)

I hope you are enjoying my blog! :)

Love youuu <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The beginning of the end

Only 7 days... I am so excited...

Last night I was crying with my bestfriend. Why? I am going to miss her and my other friends so much.
I am sad when they are planning something for the next months.. but I understand it... I am gonna live my life in the U.S and they also have to live their.

Right now I am so sensible, I am crying... I want to cry for every silly thing. Really silly things... Listening songs, because of something that someone tell me, because I don't find something...

I am going to start packing. It's so difficult, I dont know how to start.. I dont know what to pack first... Maybe "winter" clothes? I dont want (shouldn't)pack too much things... There are people who told me that in the U.S all is cheaper but there are other people who told me that is more expensive... Anyways, I prefer to buy something there instead of pay for too much weight at the airport...

So.. let's see what happens! :)

Love youu! <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Countdown!

Hi! :D

I am going to introduce myself better! :D

I am Mari Carmen, from Spain. I am 19 years! I'll be 20 two days before my departure to USA! I am going with the Agency Au Pair Care. I have my flight to USA on July 25th. I'll flight to New York and I'll stay there for 5 days (from Monday to Friday) because I have an Au Pair training (Au Pair Academy). On Friday I have my flight to San Francisco, and there I'll meet in person my host family! :D

I am so excited! But I am not nervous... In the next two weeks I am going to tell you how is my adventure packing all... hahaha :)

Mari Carmen! :)