Monday, July 25, 2011

My first day in the U.S

So that is the last moment that I spent with my friends... We all were crying. I am going to miss them so much... When I was in the plane I sent them a message and while I was writing I was crying. I also sent messages to my dad, sister and brother.

As can you see, I am in the U.S... This is the weirdest feeling ever. I can't believe that I am here... All is so different, but at the same time so similar... Today is raining. My flight to Madrid was good... so normal. My flight to NY was great! I spent almost all the time sleeping... If the flight was 8h I was sleeping 6! hahaha The meal was good. They give us a snack one hour after the departure, the lunch 2-3 hours after the departure and a snack (with a sandwich) 2 hours before arrive. They also give you a form that you have to fill up and the I-94 (that you have to show to the officer in the airport). They didn't give me the I-94 in the plane so I had to ask for it then.

(My lunch! :) )

When I arrived to the Liberty Newark aiport I was so excited... There I have to show the forms to the officer, she/he take your fingerprints. The one that attend me was so nice... I fall in love! Hahaha He was the typical american man, tall, blue eyes... And was SO SO SO kind and friendly. He was talking to me and I was like ... O_O you're so handsome... Hahaha LOL. Then, the officer stamp the papers and passport and I went to pick up my luggage. After that, I went out to the aiport and there was an Au Pair Care person waiting for me. I had to wait and then appeared 5 girls from S.Africa, 1 from Norway, 4 from Germany and more...
We took the (7seat) car and came to the hotel. The Hilton in NJ! :) The room is great!! I love the bed!! I was the first one to choose it!
And a hour ago I went to take dinner with a S.African girl, Mercia. So nice girl!

Right now I am in my room, so tired, writing this... So I am going to bed because tomorrow the day is full! :) We have to wake up at 6am. The training starts at 8am... And we have to learn a lot! :) Tomorrow we also have out NY tour! I hope tomorrow doesn't rain...

So goodnight everybody... I'll try to write as soon as posible! :D But first I let you a photo of the NY skyscrapers from the plane! Enjoy it!

Love youuuu <3

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  1. Wow, I love pictures from the plane, but New york always is so impressive from the sky. Beautiful pictures, and i have curiosity about what did you have to do in an aupair training?