Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last night in SPAIN!

Hey!!! :D

This is my last night in Spain.. my flight is in 6 hours... Now I am in my room with with my best friends!
I have my luggage done! I only have to close them!

Yesterday (well 23 haha) was my bday!!! :D And I had a super bday/goodbye party (if you have me on fb I uploaded the photos). It was amazing! Was a pool party and was cloudy but the company, the food and all was awesome!! :D

I have a lot of presents! 3 parfums, 2 bath sets, 1 purse, 1 scarf, 2 bracelet, 1 wristwatch, 1earring, 1 camera! more than 300€ and I dont know if I forget something...

Anyways, it was amazing... with the people that I love! :D

I can't say more because I gotta go! I go with my friends to somewhere.. hahahah :)

So, when I can and I arrive there, I'll write again! :)

Love youuu!!

(here a photo os my bday/goodbye party)

and with my friends!


  1. Hiya Marii, looks like you had a great b-day/leaving party and I hope you enjoyed ;)
    I just found your blog week ago and I am following, I also have a blog, but it's in Czech language :D I am working as an au-pair in UK and I am just up to start doing my aplication with AupairCare and go to the USA next year so I hope you have a safe journey there and you're andventure will be great for you.
    Take care , Dana :))

  2. hola mari carmen!

    i'm spanish and I live with my wife (american) and children in the EE.UU. We are ooking for an au pair españa like you :)
    can you advice us about how you managed to find your au pair family? do you know any website or similar where we can find au pair applications?

    we just signed up in this website: have you hear about it?

    well, thanks a lot, and if you need something, please, just ask.

    kind regards!

  3. Hola Carlos!!! :D

    I'm going with Au Pair Care ( ). I have to say that they are so kind! :)
    To have an Au Pair she/he has to go via an Agency... ( ) you can look that here. (It's other blog that we have!)

    It's expensive to have an au pair...
    I hope you can find one! :)

    Where do you live??

    Mari Carmen! <3

  4. muchisimas gracias por la información, ya estamos en casa haciendo una investigación :)

    por lo visto si que es caro trar una au pair...vamos a plantearnos todo tranquilamente, realmente no tenemos prisa.

    vivimos en Detroit.

    un saludo fuerte!

  5. De nada!! :D Si.. creo que las familias gastan unos $12.000 o asi... Para las au pairs es mucho mas barato.. yo he tenido que pagar 300€ + 100€ de Visado... A nosotras nos vale mucho la pena.. Y hombre, para las familias también porque es una buena manera de aprender de otras culturas y aprender nuevos idiomas! :D

    Espero que todo os vaya bien! :D

    Un beso muy fuerte!! :D