Sunday, July 17, 2011

The beginning of the end

Only 7 days... I am so excited...

Last night I was crying with my bestfriend. Why? I am going to miss her and my other friends so much.
I am sad when they are planning something for the next months.. but I understand it... I am gonna live my life in the U.S and they also have to live their.

Right now I am so sensible, I am crying... I want to cry for every silly thing. Really silly things... Listening songs, because of something that someone tell me, because I don't find something...

I am going to start packing. It's so difficult, I dont know how to start.. I dont know what to pack first... Maybe "winter" clothes? I dont want (shouldn't)pack too much things... There are people who told me that in the U.S all is cheaper but there are other people who told me that is more expensive... Anyways, I prefer to buy something there instead of pay for too much weight at the airport...

So.. let's see what happens! :)

Love youu! <3


  1. Cool!! Happy to find your blog. Two years ago (wow the time is running so fast...) I was trying to packing for 10 months, it was to difficult. However I packed an extra suitcase, but you always have to thing that you will buy things there too. By the way, I spent 10 months in Arizona

  2. Hahaha Cool! :D Now I'm here and I really know that I packed things that I dont need.. It's a little cold in SF but now the good weather is coming so let's see... Hahah I didn't buy too much yet! Anyways I don't want to spend to much money in clothes because I have all that I need and I prefer to spend the money traveling! :D
    I am so happy to know that you like my blog and share your experience with me! :D
    You also were an Au Pair? :D
    Take Care!!! :D