Monday, July 18, 2011

My suitcases

Hey!! :D
I wrote the last night and I was talking about how to start with my luggage.. So, here you have a pic! I did it... Was so quick...

I send an email to my host family in San Francisco asking them about what clothes I should take. And they said this:

For clothes, you'll want to bring things you can layer, like long sleeved and short sleeved shirts and sweaters. Bring a light and medium weight jacket, but don't bring a heavy coat unless you plan to travel to snowy places during the winter. You'll want to bring jeans, maybe slacks, skirts, and some shorts, but you won't be wanting to wear the shorts much in SF.

So, I think I have to remove some t-shirts of my suitcase.. The little suitcase is for my training in New York, and I think it is so empty! Hahaha... but better for me!
The big one is for my entire year in the U.S. I think I'm taking too much clothes, so I have to revise it... Because if I buy clothes and other stuff there, where am I going to put them? Hahahaha :)

Today I am better than yesterday... but I am still so sensitive. I am feeling so overwhelmed... I still have to finish my Pre-Departure Orientation Project.. and I'll be leaving Spain in only one week...

Moreover, my birthday is July 23rd and my flight July 25th... So I have a bday/goodbye party on Friday (with my family) and a bday/goodbye party on Saturday (with my friends)... I'll update pics! :)

Tomorrow I also have a BBQ with some friends... I'll update a photo too! :)

I hope you are enjoying my blog! :)

Love youuu <3


  1. hi :D
    I'm going to start that process but I'm so nervous about if this is safe for me.
    could you give me some advices???

  2. Ohh!... We were born in July. That's great! :D