Thursday, July 21, 2011

Only 4 days...

Hey! :)

Today I've finished my Pre Departure Orientation Project (Au Pair Care), I bound it and it's DONE! :) So now I don't have anything else to do... Well, maybe I have to check my luggage.. I want to remove some things... and I have to add a new one! :)
What to add? My handball team give me some presents for my bday/goodbye... They are SO SWEET! I'm going to miss them so much..

This week I'm thinking about all that I'm going to miss... I have not thought about it before (well maybe I did... but not too much...).

Tomorrow I have a comprehensive day... and saturday too.. Tomorrow I have my bday/goodbye party with my family. I think we are around 30 people or more, in my home! Let's see what happens... Hahahahaha...

Today I don't have too much to say... So, here a upload a pic of my present and another one of my handball team! :) <3
Btw, I love dogs... and if you look good, they put around my face 4 dogs! ahahah xD

Love youuu <3


  1. K guay la camiseta Mari Carmen! :D Uoo te hacen una fiesta de despedida?? ya contarás k tal!
    Ya no queda nadaaa!!! :) Un beso!

  2. Safe travels and enjoy!! :) Joyce

  3. Luego escribiré una entrada sobre como ha ido todo!! :D