Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bad/good food!!!

Hey hey hey!
Bad food habits the last weeks!!

(one of the picnics)

I have to write more often! I really apologize...

I don't really know when the things happened... xD So I'm gonna try to explain it fine! Hahaha Only the things that I was doing and that! :)

In the past weeks I went for 2 picnics! Haha so nice! :D One with more au pairs and the other one with Spanish people! Was so nice to eat Tortilla de Patatas and speak some spanish (from Spain :) )

Picnic with Lilly, Jasmin, Katharina, Ann-Christin (taking the photo), and me! :)

Picnic with Spanish people! Alba, Mary and me!

Was so nice... and we ate too much... I really need to go to the GYM, I signed up with Ann-Christin.. but I'm not going too much... and I should.
Sometime we have "movie night" (for example, last night and tonight)... And we eat Pita Chips and Cookies... It's so yummy but so unhealthy...

Anyways... we also went to SAUSALITO!

We took the Ferry in the Ferry Building and was (with Clipper card) around $5 each way! :) Not expensive! (If you don't have the clipper card I think that it's around $10 each way). It's good to see it... There's a lot of souvenirs shops and it's nice, but to go to the "Floating homes" (the boat-homes) is not easy to arrive walking. I went with Ann-Christin and then there we met with Anna, another German Au Pair. She has car, so we went with her to the floating home.
It's amazing how many of them you can see! And usually beatiful and amazing! :D

This last weekend was amazing! I went with my host family to Steep Ravine Cabines (I think that it's close to Mill Valley, but I'm not sure..). It was wonderful. We spent thursday, friday and saturday morning. We didn't have light, bath or kitchen in the cabin.. But I like it haha :)

I also tried the SMORES. I didn't know what it was before try it. It's the typical dessert for a camp fire (the marshmallow!!). So the smore it's a Graham cracker, chocolate and the roasted marshmallow together... I only have to say that it's my favourite dessert right now. I LOVE IT.

From the cabin we had an amazing views of the beach. We saw dolphins, sea lions, deers, rabbits and a FOX! :D I was really really exited... How many people can say that they have been seen that the same day and in the nature, not a Zoo or something... :) I'm really glad for my host family!! :)
We went for a little hike, but was so little.. but amazing as well :)

(Some views from the cabin)

And then, sunday was my day off, so I went with some girls (all au pairs) to STANFORD! I went with a spanish, sweedish and argentinan girl. The Spanish one, Miriam, can use the car, so she drove us there and we share the gas! :D It's pretty close... around 45 minutes or so. I have to say that I thought that it was gonna be better... I think that it's because I was waiting for a big sign with WELCOME TO STANFORD, or maybe STANFORD UNIVERSITY... and it was not... xD Anyways is amazing as well!! So big!! We were driving inside the campus for more than 10 minutes, a little lost.. Haha.. We didn't know where to park, or where the main entrance was... But was awesome! :D We wanted to see the fraternities but we didn't have time.. So maybe the next time we'll go to Berkeley! :D

We ate at Palo Alto (where Stanford is). We ate some american pizza! Delicious but too much oil and fat... That's why it's yummy.. isn't it? :) Hahaha And then we went to buy some ice cream... awesome too! I ate a White chocolate and raspberry ice cream... and I loved it.

Well.. so this were my last days! :) I know that I always say the same but I'm gonna try write more often... It's also for me because If I dont do that them I'm lazy because I have to write a lot of things at the same time... xD

And that's all! :D The only thing is that this week a girl from Spain arrives, Andrea, and I can't wait to meet her. Also, the next week Miriam, another spanish girl is coming too!! And I'm so so excited to meet her too! :D We just decided (Miriam and me) that we have to meet Taylor Lautner and I'll date Taylor and she'll date a "twin brother of him" Hahahaha... xD I'm sorry, I'm so selfish with Taylor.. it's mine! Hahaha :D I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn with her! (By the way, today another trailer was released... AMAZING, no words! CANT WAIT!!! :D )

So I hope you enjoy it! And sorry for the last "crazy fan" moment haha :)

Have a nice week!! :D

Love youuuu! <3